Light Weight Foam Concreting

Low density, light weight concrete applications for precast panels, block production (Light weight bricks), Cast in situ for reduction in weight, thermal insulation, low water absorption, improved fire protection.

Foam Concrete

Foam concrete is a unique product which has the strength of the cement and yet lightweight . Its durability is remarkable with sand & high dosage of fly ash making it an economical and environment friendly green product. This mixture is volumeised by addition of a foaming agent which enhances the volume and thus lightens the mixture. Further this is cured in air just like normal concrete and finally used.

Foam concrete is mainly used in the construction industry. A variety of strengths and densities of the product can be produced easily and are available for different uses. A range of density, starting from 400 kg/cum-800 kg/cum(Gap filling and thermal and acoustic insulation), 800 kg/cum – 1200 kg/cumfor partitions and walls (precast blocks), 1200-1600 kg/cum for structural work like prefab and poured in-situ structures is available with us.


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