Headquartered at bottorop, Germany, MC-Bauchemie is a leading manufactures of Building chemical Products. Having 40 plants spread over the world with production and R&D centers, maintaining high quality range of products that offer extensive range of services to the business associates and applicators, developing solutions tailored to specific problems, continuously providing training to customers, applicators, engineers and supervisors. In India MC-Bauchemie has plants located at Ankeleshwar and Goa catering to customers through out India. Advisory technical services through qualified trained Engineers are available in every state headquarters including Hyderabad.


Starting in 1983 as a pure trading venture in Starnberg (Munich-Germany) Voelkel Industries Products GmbH(VIP) today stands as a synonym for consistence, authority and top quality in the world of professional industrial adhesive and coatings. In the course of ever time-more optimal working processes and rising requirements of process security, VIP specialized in the last years in the production and world wide marketing of innovative 2-component Technologies, Polyurea Systems.

Saint Gobain Weber:
Weber – the world’s leading mortar manufacturer offers a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements. Weber, continuously develop and stone fixing solutions along with range of wall leveling plaster and technical mortars.


Dr.Luca & Partner:
Experts in Foam Concrete Systems, with production and R&D facilities in Berlin having following products, foaming agents, foam generators, foamed concrete machines, mixers and pumps with total technical support. Available in India through business associates. Application fields of foamed concrete include Pre cast elements, Block production, cast-in situ light weight concreting.