Protective Coating To Structures

Anti Carbonation Protective Coating to Structures

No matter how harsh your environment, Vasant Technocrats is a concrete contractor with experience providing a long term durable solution for your concrete protection and coating needs, in throughout India. We are experts at protecting reinforced concrete from the effects of harsh environments such as chemical attack, freeze thaw cycles, thermal shock, impact, abrasion, and corrosion.


Protecting Concrete for Longevity and Safety

We tend to think of concrete as being very tough. It makes up solid and safe things like streets, bridges, and sidewalks. And yet, without some protection, concrete is inevitably going to disintegrate just like any other surface with high traffic or use. How can you ensure that the concrete you use is protected and will last as long as possible? And what if you have poured concrete in harsh environments like factories or production facilities where harsh chemicals may come into contact with the concrete floors on a regular basis?

Sealing and Waterproofing

Sealing concrete is the first and basic step towards ensuring that your concrete is protected. Concrete may seem to be ‘waterproof’ and in some ways it does do well in wet conditions. But over time, water will wear away the concrete without proper waterproofing and sealing. Naturally, it is going to be important to choose sealants or waterproofing options based on the conditions. If water is the main threat, choosing a heavy duty waterproofing sealant is preferable. But if you’re expecting to paint the concrete and simply want to seal it first, you’ll use something different. There are many options and it’s critical that you choose the right sealant or waterproofing treatment for the situation.


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